AirTube to AtomS3

  • Hello,
    Im trying to connect this unit:
    to AtomS3, but dont know which pin to set as the sensor pin(I have tried pin 1 and 2)

    I have also m5stickC, and there everything fine. this is the code example that works for me there:

    #include <Arduino.h>

    int sensorPin = 33; // Sensor Pin

    void setup() {

    pinMode(sensorPin, INPUT); //Sets the specified pin to input mode. 设置指定引脚为输入模式

    void loop() {
    float raw = analogRead(sensorPin); // read the value from the sensor. 读取当前传感器的值
    float Vout = raw/40953.6;
    float P = (Vout-0.1)/3.0
    Serial.printf("pressure: %f.2 Kpa\r\n", P);

    so if someone can tell me how to connect this pressure sensor to AtomS3, I'll be grateful.