LCD doesn't work

  • After recieving my M5FIRE I was exploring this by pushing some buttons.

    Doing that, the external battery fell of (it's just attached by small magnet) and after that I never get a picture on the display.
    During startup the LED's and sounds (when pushing buttons) work fine. So there is only a problem with the display.

    I did not connect to anything yet.
    After investigation, I decided to download the Serial driver and the M5Burner.
    I could make a succesful Erase and burning of the new firmware.
    After that the situation stay the same.

    Does anybody have an idea to solve this?

  • Sorry to hear your having issues with your m5stack. A few questions to see if I can diagnose the problem. When you turn the device on and it beeps, despite the screen being black you should still be able to see the backlight on the screen, can you? when you attach the device over serial and burn the firmware are there any error messages? have you opened the device to see if anything seems lose or disconnected inside?

  • @lukasmaximus

    I didn't had any errors during burning.
    The backlight is lit up.
    Since I bought a M5Gray also, I recognisize the sound on the Fire as the sound of the Rock-Paper-Siccors game which is the default app.