AtomS3 with "Atom POE" for power and networking

  • Hello M5Stack Community,

    I'm working on a project involving the ATOMS3 and I am considering using the ATOM PoE Kit (HY601742E) to upload environmental data from a sensor.

    Before proceeding, I wanted to consult the community on a few points:

    1. Is the ATOM PoE Kit compatible with the ATOMS3? It comes with the Atom Lite, but I was hoping to display the temperature on the screen of the S3.
    2. Will this setup work? I don't understand why one Ethernet kit will be "for MQTT" and the other one isn't. I would expect any POE ethernet to be able to upload environmental data.

    Any guidance, tips, or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your help! I want to replace an older system with these.



  • Hello @Kraken

    Re 1. : a quick test with the ATOM PoE Kit and an M5AtomS3 worked for me. Please note: you'll need to adapt the GPIOs accordingly.

    Re 2. : the kits "for MQTT" have ESP-AT firmware (with MQTT enabled) preinstalled and are meant to be used as units controlled via UART with AT commands (see here - section AT command set) from another M5Stack device.

    In contrast with the ATOM PoE Kit you can use the PubSubClient library to do MQTT.


  • Thank you! I will test out and report back.