Is there an app loader that is worth anything?

  • I received my first M5Stack device, an M5Go, and it's going to be pretty neat to mess with. I have played around for 24 hours straight, trying to find an app loader program that actually doesn't act hokey. I have copied a bunch of bin files to the SD root, but when the SD card is in, it doesn't allow my favorite app to run (DXTracker). If I take the card out, DXTracker runs perfectly. If I want to run any of the apps on the card, I have to insert it, and then it is hit and miss on getting apps to work. Is there a tried and true way to load bin files to an SD card, and they all actually work without messing each other up?

  • You will need to learn how to read and write code and how to contact the original coders to ask for help.

  • I am looking for one good too