M5stack Grey dead

  • Hi, I have both Grey and Core2 modules. When playing with them I made a mistake and burned an image compiled for Core2 to my Grey device. And Grey is dead :(
    I have tried to erase and burn e.g. UIFlow using M5burner but the serial connection (via USB) shows timeout. Is there any chance to bring my Grey back alive? Any suggestions?

  • @rafciuk When the connecting screen appears, Hold the reset button in for around 5 seconds. it takes some practice but the grey is not dead just soft bricked.
    Another option is to try using arduino to upload a blank sketch before trying M5Burner again.

    I have accidentally uploaded the wrong firmware before and had to reset in the above manner.

    The device is not dead it just that the core and core2 use different screens and so you cant see what it is doing.