M5STACK Plus 2 - MVC

  • Hi all,

    One of those little problems that is driving me mad.

    • I have burnt the latest firmware with M5 burner (Developed based on Micropython-1.12, For M5StickC-Plus2 device).

    • list itemI have loaded Pymaker in Visual Studio Code (VSC).

    • list itemI have added vscode-m5stack-mpy to visual code.

    • list itemI can connect to the M5Sp2 via com7

    • list itemI can stop the script and in the terminal mannually connect to the wifi, change the display and do all kind of stuff.

    What I cannot do is write some code in VSC and run that in the M5Sp2 with the big 'play' button. VSC springs the following error: "command 'm5stack.itemRun' not found".

    Anyone seen this problem?
    VSC basically tells me I use the wrong interpreter, but I used python 3.9 and 3.12....