M5stack Basic with Nightscout - New user

  • Hi everyone

    Thanks for letting me join.

    I am such a novice and hope you can help me gets started or at least point me in the right direction to find where to start.

    I have a m5stack basic, battery and sim card.

    I tried watching a couple of YouTube videos and didn't getting far.

    My goal is to get a program called Nightscout working so I can view my bg levels when at work or in bed and get alarms when my bg level is too high or low - Nightscout would link with my Xdrip.

    Is there a simple to follow post to help me get started please?

    Thank you very much

  • @andyb55 said in M5stack Basic with Nightscout - New user:


    looks like there are few options to install it from github
    arduino IDE
    or M5Burner


    Installation and support

    Installation can be done by download or git clone the code to the Arduino IDE environment. You have to download ESP32 board and M5Stack libraries, Arduino JSON library and build it to you M5Stack.

    Another easier possibility is to download latest M5Burner release. It is Windows executable with binary M5Stack firmware included. Just unzip it, start the M5Burner.exe, choose COM port where your M5Stack is connected and burn the firmware. Simple. Remember to add you microSD card with M5NS.INI configuration file. See the wiki for details.

    There is a Facebook group M5STACK NIGHTSCOUT where you can get support and installation guides in several languages prepared by members of the M5Stack Nightscout community. Please check the Files section first and search the group before asking questions. A lot of questions have been answered already. Big thanks to Patrick Sonnerat, Didier Frétigné, Peter Leimbach and more...