Core2 V1.1 Battery not working if unplugged

  • I have the Core2 original and now the v1.1. But the new unit is not working
    when unplugged.

    Are there any special v1.1 calls to get the battery to work? Just like the
    vibration needing a new call in v1.1, is there something special?

    The battery voltage is working (which I've used for battery percentage).

        batVoltage = M5.Axp.GetBatVoltage();
        batPercentage = (batVoltage < 3.2) ? 0 : ( batVoltage - 3.2 ) * 100;

    I've tried the following to no avail.


    Is it possible the battery isn't working? It's plugged in (after opening the unit).

  • No, you just plug it into a working USB port and leave it for a few hours.
    If that doesn't work, remove the base and check the battery pins for a 3.4V with a multimeter. Also check to see if the battery is starting to inflate.