M5 CoreS3 problems

  • I have just got the M5 CoreS3, I have played with the ESP32S3 a bit, but this is my first M5Stack unit.

    I am having lots of problems. If I take it as is, it will not talk to my Windows 11 computer (the only computer I have tried so far)

    1. why is there not a group for it on in the Community, that is why I am starting here?

    2. if I have it as shipped, I get a bad USB device and no comms port. I have two comms ports reported, but I think these are from another ESP32S3, but I can not find it currently. Far too many USB cables

    3. if I unplug the "DIN BASE" from the stack, Then sometimes (most of the time) I get a comms port trying to pull the firmware out, I like to back up things, but after a few minutes the unit reboot and it loss the comms port, and unplug it for a minute or so and then plug it back in the comms port comes back.

    4. my virus scanner does not like "CoreS3 TP Upgrade V0.5.exe"


  • No, The ESP32S3 does indeed have 2 com ports but you have to put the Core S3 into Boot mode to program it.


    1. In most cases it's the USB cable or the Host PC that is the problem. Windows has issues with its come port communications with S3's.
    2. huh, what, All firmware is available in M5Burner unless you made it yourself then you should be backing up your own files.
    3. Never heard of CoreS3 TP Upgrade V0.5.exe
      M5Burner is the program for burning firmware.