Gamepad bi-directional data transfer

  • So I have an AtomS3U,
    and I thought of that cool idea to turn it into a authentication key,
    plug it into a USB-A port when prompted in my website to authenticate.
    I need it to be a two way communication system, to avoid some scenarios I thought of, which can be used to hack the authentication system.

    To transfer data from the AtomS3U to the browser, there is no problem because I can use keyboard/mouse/gamepad (as other types of auth keys),
    and for transferring data from the browser to the AtomS3U, I thought to use the gamepad's vibration API built in most browsers (no need for extra annoying permission dialog in anonymous devices (library, school, etc.)),
    but... there is no vibration fetching in the gamepad library for the AtomS3U.
    It's only programmed to transmit data as HID, not to receive it from the computer.

    I would be happy if someone could help me.