App to access EZData Topic

  • Hello, although I have experience with embedded systems, I am new to M5Stack and I am learning to use an M5Stick with UIFlow Ver 1. I think it is a very good device for building prototypes and creating applications in the educational field.
    My specific question is about the use of EZData. I wrote a program that reads the temperature of a TMP36 and publishes it in an EZData topic. I can see the values as a chart and as a table, but I wanted to know how else I can see that information. For example, is there an app to access data from a mobile device? It would be very useful.

    Thank you!

  • @etolocka There is no app for that but you can view the ezdata web site on a mobile phone or use the EZdata functions to display the data on other devices.

  • Thank you!