Firmware update to v0.3 for LCD COLOR unit via M5 FIRE

  • Hi,

    I encounter some problem to update LCD firmware from v0.2 to v0.3 (required by UIFLOW).
    I have one M5 FIRE.

    I succeed to load the UNIT_LCD_FW on M5 burner (windows version).
    I succeed to burn this UNIT_LCD_FW on my M5 FIRE: at the end the lateral RGBs become multicolor meanwhile M5 FIRE screen is black..
    When I connect the LCD COLOR unit to the M5 FIRE port A, the update does not start (M5 Fire screen still black) and the LCD COLOR displayed white screen with M5 stack logo and the version still equal to 0.2.

    If anyone can help me, any support is welcome.