First start of the Stick C Plus 2 + RoverC Pro

  • Hello everyone,

    I discover the products from M5Stack, and the programming,
    I received my M5 RoverC Pro as well as my M5Stickc Plus2 this morning

    I flashed my rover with Easy loader

    I installed arduino IDE, launched "Running RoverC.ino" added the libraries of "M5Stickc plus2" and "M5-RoverC" plug my M5Stickc plus2 on my rover and connected via usb to my PC, in arduino IDE I have good chose the com11 port (corresponding to my M5Stickc plus 2 and Roverc pro) and "select other board" on ""M5StickCplus2"

    As I have the M5StickC plus2 I changed the line #include <M5StickCPlus.h> to #include <M5StickCPlus2.h>

    I run "upload" and I get the following error (see screenshot)

    Thanks for your help.
    alt textalt textalt textalt text

  • I managed to reduce the errors thanks to gpt chat giving me a better written code (the firmware of the M5 RoverC Pro) but I cannot get a compilation that can be completely injected into the M5StickC Plus 2, here it is: alt textalt text