Is Relay Unit programming broken

  • Stupid question! I have been trying to get my relay units working on UIFLow 2 with an AtomS3Lite and on UIFLow 1 with a Stamp Pico. I've resorted to very basic programming to turn the relay unit on and off once every 5 seconds and they are not working. I have used these M5stack relay units only last week and they were both working fine.
    I'm just wondering if something is broken in both versions of UIFLow??

  • 0_1709960204161_uiflow.jpg
    This is the simple program

    This is the terminal response.
    Does this indicate a problem with the Relay Unit programming in UIFlow?

  • By default the port is set as a digital/I2CPort and so normally a relay unit wouldn't work.

    Oh BTW the default Port is A not B, the terminal says you set it to port B which doesn't exist on the Atom and stamp.

  • Thanks ajb2k3,
    I did manage to get my Stamp Pico working with both a PIR sensor and relay unit.
    The problem was my fault. In soldering on the grove connector to the Stamp Pico, I soldered it on the wrong side of the board so when I connected a grove cable - ground was connected to GPIO 33, 5v was connected to GPIO 32, GPIO 32 was connected to 5v and GPIO 33 was connected to ground. Fortunately I didn't cook my board.