DisplayModule 13.2 - Plug and Play with m5Stack Core?

  • Hi guys,

    I'm new in the m5stack world, but already wrote my first program on a m5stack core (v1).

    My goal is to mirror the display of the m5stack to a remote monitor, preferable via HDMI.

    Question: is the Display Module 13.2 a plug and play module, where you simply connect the m5stack, add additional DC power and it works? Or is there anything that has to be programmed / additional libraries having to be installed on the m5stack? If so, where can I find guidlines for that before ordering the display port?

    https://docs.m5stack.com/en/module/Display Module 13.2


  • @membersound I am quite literally about to order a display module myself, so I'm not speaking from experience, but I did some research this weekend before deciding to order.

    By all indications, each display is independent.
    For instance, with the m5unified library, the core2 uses " M5.Lcd.print() " for the built-in and " M5.Display.print() " for the display module.
    It seems at first glance all the methods are the same (print, drawRect, setFont, etc)

    So you'll almost certainly need to make some code changes.
    But if your goal is to "mirror" the displays, I'd think it would just be a matter of having two of every command? As in copy/paste and in the second one change "Lcd" to "Display"

    (and now on to the long shipping wait ahead ;)

  • A simple copy&paste from Lcd.print to Display.print would not work in every case as the pixel number and aspect ratio of the internal LCD (320x240 / 4:3) and the external Display (up to 1920x1080 /16:9) could be different. Of course you can change the HDMI to low resolution such as 320x240 but this will look poor on a big screen. A picture of 4:3 on a 16:9 display will either be stretched or do not fully cover the screen depending on the display settings.

  • Well but I'm not actually printing anything yet.
    Just using some label0.setText(...) statements that then appear on fixed positions of the m5stack screen.

    I'm just looking into a possibility to mirror the m5stack screen onto a bigger screen.
    So that's not possible out of the box with the DisplayModule 13.2?

  • You need to define a label on the internal and another one on the external screen in the setup. In your screen update function (or your main loop) set them to the same value (or variable) and update both screens. As long as you use pre defined labels it is easy. It doubles the code for updateing but fix the issue. If you want to draw lines or print free text you have to deal with the different resolution an aspect ratio and calculate the coordinates. That require some smart thinking but is still far away from witchcraft.