Grove a vs grove b

  • I've seen a lot of units that connect via grove port however not call units are i2c but call themselves grove b.

    These look like regular gpio devices.

    How can the grove port on the m5stack support both types of devices?



  • @rob-biernat the grove system has 4 modes of operation.

    Port A (Red) supports digital and i2c mode,
    Port B (Black) is generic i/o
    Port C (Blue) supports UART mode however outside of UIFlow the i/o pins of the esp32 support various different modes.

  • Thanks.

    On my m5stack I only have a red port. If that's the case and I buy grove b units where do they plug into?

    Am I supposed to just connect grove b units to the gpio pins


  • @rob-biernat Yes, you can just use the gpio pins (do you have the black M5Stack)

    The M5Go base has the additional ports on it but they work fine when connected to the GPIO base.

  • Yes I have black base.

    I really need something with at least two non i2c grove ports though. One for my one wire bus devices and the other for a mosfet module.

    The other base you mentioned just has one extra grove port.

    I know I can use jumper wires like you linked to but I really want something more permanent.

    I'm guessing I should really look at making something myself using a proto module.


  • @rob-biernat Recently,we are going to put out a Unit that expands Port A and a Unit that expands Port B . Please pay attention to our official website and wait for them to sell.

  • @merryq Can't wait for these as I already have the space allotted in my book for them.

    @rob-biernat I do believe that rapid prototyping was the idea behind the M5Stack. It has certainly help expand my ideas for product development.

  • That sounds really good. I understand rapid prototyping is a requirement but there are scenarios where you don't want to rely on a loose jumper wire during a demo etc.

    In schools etc kids are a bit rough with things so having some kind of breakout that exposes muktiple physical grove connectors for non i2c devices is a great option.

    I've ordered the m5go bottom anyway to see how it goes but I'll keep a look out for the new stuff.

  • @rob-biernat I’m working on a potential divider project which I’m recording to make a guide in taking a design to a finished product. I will be sharing this guide but I’m using a 25W resistor just for its big size!