Notice: M5Stick-C factory test abnormal !!!

  • Hi everyone,
    This is a notification .
    A lot of users have gave us feedback that, M5Stick-C factory test firmware was runing abnormally, which is a common problem on our first batch of stickC shipping. It is because of the inappropriate program on LCD driver, which is not a hardware problem. We apologize for the inconvenient . The solution for this error is either to upgrade the latest factory test firmware which is available on official Arduino repository or rewrite the flash with other code. For those people who haven't had Arduino installed in your computer yet, you can follow the tutorial video on our official web page.

    Thank you for all your supports
    M5 Team

  • I received M5StickC yesterday and I noticed a problem with the display in my M5Stick-C,
    but additionally my Stick is completely unusable because the reset button is broken!
    It did not work like the other buttons (with a characteristic click). I unscrewed the case and the parts of the button have come out.

    alt text

    Unfortunately I'm not happy with the winning.
    How can I open the rest of the plate to replace the button? Is it possible?

    I wrote to you in this case on the aliexpress.

  • we are on vacation for 3 days , will get back to work on Monday, i will follow up your case

  • @reaper7 It is not easy to open up the bottom piece. Please do the replacement. we apologize for the situation.