MGTT with Treeview

  • Hello,
    to create a menue on m5stack with arduino IDE, the m5Treeview looks like a good solution.
    I uses it for communikation with mqtt.
    With the funktion ItemToggle it works great,
    i can publish a commant to the broker (mosQuitto) without problems.
    If i use the numeric item and program a client.publish the fucking m5stack make a connection to wifi and broker,
    but he show no menue,
    you dont no whats going on.
    If i deaktivate the <client.publish> in the source,
    the m5Stack start and show the menue.
    The Part of <client.publish> is the same like in the part of <toggle item>, and this is still working.
    I understand not whats happend.

  • @bertram
    mqtt with treeview, sorry