Display PNG images?

  • The M5Stack can display JPG images (compressed, lossy) and BMP images (uncompressed). BMP is a rather archaic format, so I was wondering if the M5Stack can display the more modern PNG format (compressed, lossless)?

    Alternatively, how can I use the drawBitmap function starting from a PNG image? I need the process to be automated, so using 3rd party conversion apps is not an option. The conversion (PNG -> bitmap data that the M5Stack can display) can be performed either on the M5Stack or on my external server using Node.js. Raise your hand if you know how it can be done :)

  • Currently there is no support for png images in the micropython port that form the firmware of the m5Stack range.
    BMP is its raw uncompressed state is a simple file to translate along with base level jpg (not JPEG!)
    Until such time that a codec exist for micropython, we are all stuck with converting graphics into base level formats.