[Solved]ESP32CAM 3.3v

  • Hi! Has anyone tried running the camera on battery power? I use the firmware from the Arduino camera examples works well though I had to edit the code. I soldered two wires to the outputs near the GROVE connector and connected the 18650 battery there, but the camera did not want to work with it, I also tried on the LI-POL battery but I did not work out. The most interesting that I immediately bought two boards M5Stack ESP32CAM and neither works on battery. The output voltage is 4.2 V well as with any battery. In advance thanks!!!

  • @lurk_
    This code is only for M5Camera A model.


    If you want ESP32CAM to work, need to change this code for being Suitable for ESP32CAM.


    Refer to what the README.md told


  • @m5-docs Thanks for reply! I use #define CAMERA_MODEL_M5STACK_PSRAM with changed settings and it works for me. Complaints about the picture and streaming video in the browser I do not have. I powered the battery through the GROVE connector where using the step-up. The Board is now fed 5 volts and it works, it turns on, no problem. But according to the documentation the Board can work directly from 3.3 V using two pins next to the GROVE connector but for me it does not work, the Board is not included. I use charge ESP32CAM and indicated that she M5Stack what would You have her confused with CAMERA_MODEL_ROVER_KIT . By the way this motherboard I have and it works on 3.3 V if the pins apply power, only works shockingly bad))))

  • @lurk_ Can not supply 3.3V. Please supply the voltage greater than 3.3V.

  • @m5-docs Sorry for the annoyance, I just saw one user connect the battery to the camera and it worked... Please explain can I need another version of the camera?
    Reference to what I'm talking about.0_1557149804914_camera.jpg

  • @lurk_ You can connect a battery to the battery contacts on the camera board conection on the bottom left of the white connector (Right hand photo)
    alt text

  • @ajb2k3 Thanks for reply! But I did not work, if You have the opportunity to check on your Board, I would appreciate if You give an answer. I note that I have tried it with a 18650 battery output which gave 4.2 V but is the battery fully charged and I don't think it will differ from the LI_POL batteries. In the topic above, I described my research.

  • @lurk_ unfortunatly I can't check on mine as I killed it!

  • @ajb2k3 Did you see the link I attached in the post above? There was also a man, but I have it not work and I'm overthinking why. I ordered a second charge and it's the same story.... Call GND to the GND on the GROVE connector and the VC to zvonnitsa resistance, that is, the idea that work should be, but what is zagvostka I did not understand...(((( There is a voltage Converter ip5306, and I think the problem is in it...

  • @lurk_ It doesn't work connected to the grove as you have discovered as the grove connects to the ip5306.
    to the side of the grove is two solder pads for connecting batteries which is what the writer used.

  • @ajb2k3 I did so but I have the Board is not connected to the Wi-Fi, it seems as if it does not have enough power, but in any case, thank you!)

  • @lurk_ Because there are SY8089, RT9182 chip between BAT pin and ESP32_VCC, in order to transfer high voltage to 3.3V.

    So you need a battery with higher voltage capacity.