M5stack core solar panel

  • Hello,
    I want to add a solar panel directly on the module M5stack core. I have try to connect with usb C a solar panel but it don't work.. i have try to charge my phone and this work.
    The battery inside was a lithium 3,7V 150mA. I find a solar panel with 5v can be use to charge the battery. Because i can use the module just 40min...

    Someone have an idea to connect the module with solar panel please?

  • Doesn't work like that, you need a solar setup capable of 500mA @5V minimum.

    (just been out and measured.)

  • okay but how do i connect after on the module?

  • @kat you need something like this that has a solar charge controller that charges batteries and then uses the batteries to power the M5Stack through the USB.