@felmue oh wow! Thanks for sharing the photo and taking the time to annotate it. Indeed this is way outside of my capabilities, and I wouldn't expect more owners of this board to have the gear, SMD components, or SMD reworking experience to attempt this mod. I'm definitely not going to try, and your post can probably serve as a warning to anyone tempted to do something similar themselves. I'm fine with using GPIO38 as a weird inverted button for now while I write code for this board and have it nearby plugged into USB power, and if I ever run it off of a battery it'll likely be in a setting where I communicate with it over WiFi rather than with a physical interaction. I hope that M5Stack can address this issue with a built-in pull-up resistor some time in the future, as it stands this button is only partially usable and there's evidence on this forum that other users have encountered this issue in the past.