Hello @university123

could you post your code? Using UiFlow I've put together a simple program which reads the touch state and x and y coordinates of the MPU6886 in a loop just fine and I do not encounter any lockup when I touch the screen. See below:

from m5stack import * from m5stack_ui import * from uiflow import * from m5stack import touch import imu screen = M5Screen() screen.clean_screen() screen.set_screen_bg_color(0xFFFFFF) imu0 = imu.IMU() label0 = M5Label('Text', x=24, y=24, color=0x000, font=FONT_MONT_26, parent=None) label1 = M5Label('Text', x=23, y=86, color=0x000, font=FONT_MONT_26, parent=None) label2 = M5Label('Text', x=151, y=86, color=0x000, font=FONT_MONT_26, parent=None) while True: label0.set_text(str(touch.status())) label1.set_text(str(imu0.ypr[1])) label2.set_text(str(imu0.ypr[2])) wait_ms(2)