Unstable program uploading to M5Stack Fire.

  • I purchased an M5Stack Fire from AliExpress from the official M5Stack Store several months ago. I use Arduino IDE 1.8.10 (Windows 8.1, 64 bit), baud rate 115200 for uploading my sketches. When I start from the cold condition (the core is not powered on for a long time) then I can upload successfully several times. However, after a long debugging process (which I consider the Fire is entering a hot condition) I experience a connection error and my sketches are not uploaded.

    I have other core products such as FACES and M5Stick C and no such trouble occurs with the same IDE, baud rates and cable.

    Is there any solution for this?

  • I just experimented with how to solve the problem.
    (1) I disconnect the base of M5Stack Fire (it is labeled M5GO) and uploaded the same program many times (until the Fire became "hot condition"). It seemed OK.
    (2) I docked the Fire to the original base and uploaded the same program many times and again the issue appeared.

    At least in this stage, I can conclude (without knowing the reason) that the base of the M5Stack Fire (M5GO) may be the cause of the problem. The other possibility is that by disconnecting the base, no power is supplied to the core so that everything is reset and things go to normal. I do not know.