GPIO17 does not works

  • void gpio17(  )
      Serial.println( "gpio17" );
    void setup( )
    	M5.begin( true, false, false, true );
    	pinMode( 17, INPUT );
    	attachInterrupt( digitalPinToInterrupt( 17 ), gpio17, RISING );

    I send signal but nothing.
    M5Stack BASIC Kit GPIO17 works correct

  • What is the error message?

  • @ajb2k3 No error. Interrupt functions gpio17 does not called

    PS I build sketch with "Debug off" but with "Debug: Serial" same problem, Function does not called
    PPS GPIO 17 works ok if I remove FaceKit and use M5Stack GRAY separately. So, as I understand it is hardware problem of FaceKit only.

  • @progman I was told by one of our engineers that gpio5 is the interrupt pin on the faces kit