Color Sensor RGB Unit UI 1.3.2 (TCS3472) / R G B Data always on 0

  • My sensor only shows me the RAW data.
    The values of R G B (single) are always 0.

    UI V1.3.2 / V 1.4.0

    Contains a calibration table which is probably wrong:

    1. values smaller than 0 must be set to zero
      If the calibration table matches the integration time of 154 MS. The Arduino example assumes 50 MS.

    3 The module reacts logarithmically. So it should not be approximated with a 3rd degree function !

    Could this be checked?
    I would like to make an instruction video on my Youtube channel (UI Flow),
    but I can't get any further.


  • Contact me after 6pm GMT on Discord and I will see what I can do.