How does one use Block Maker?

  • So I went to, put in my code. Now what? There's no save/download/whatever, and cutting and pasting into a .m5b file doesn't work.

    If I use the Beta create m5b file in the tool, when I hit download, I get an empty file:


    So, what's the secret? I've tried to copy the butterfly.m5b file in terms of escaping quotes and such, but when I try to load it, the UI just ignores it. No message, no error, it just leaves up the "open *.m5b" menu.

    It's not like I'm doing anything complicated: I just want to be able to set the background to an arbitrary RGB value, rather than a pre-defined color.

  • @dclaar

    There is a Download button. You might need to adjust your browser resolution or if on mobile device turn it landscape.


    Save the file and open it in uiFlow.

  • Thanks! Yeah, one can't scroll down to it: You have to have a display that is big enough (or a resolution high enough) to see it.