M5Atom Matrix crashing: can't use

  • Dear all,

    I have a M5Atom Matrix, and using Arduino IDE to program it.
    Last sketch I wrote was faulty, and now, the M5Atom Matrix is crashing as soon as its plugged in.
    As a consequence, the serial port opens, and closes immediately, which makes it impossible to connect to in order to load a different sketch.
    How can I deal with that?

  • Hi FunkyFab
    normally when that happens I connect GPIO0 to GND and then connect power to force the ESP32 into download boot mode. However GPIO0 doesn't seem to be exposed on the M5Atom. Maybe GPIO0 is at least connected to an internal test point on the PCB inside the M5Atom? I am only guessing here as I don't own a M5Atom.
    Good luck.

  • hi, you could try these way
    long press the reset button when you upload the sketch. when you see the log start uploading.. release the button or try to use another USB Port.

  • @m5stack: thanks. According to the Arduino IDE, it's flashed. However, despite the fact that I use a very simple sketch from the examples (WifiScan), it's still crashing.
    My Board is correct (M5StackCore-ESP32), my upload speed is 115200, flash frequence 80 MHz, flash mode QIO, partition scheme Default (also tried NO OTA).
    The serial monitor shows some output from the board, but unintelligible (I've tried all the possible baud values).
    Is there any option that I've missed ?

  • @funkyfab not. use ATOM you should select M5StickC or ESP32 Pico board. upload speed setup 1.5M or 115200

  • @funkyfab : had to flash with DIO mode once.

  • Hi FunkyFab

    interesting... Thanks for sharing. Glad you got it working again.