Arduino Debug on ESP32

  • Debugging Arduino on ESP32 using PlatformIO and GDB.
    Debugging on M5Stack is not that easy because GPIO14 needed for JTAG is no easy accesible.
    Will be very helpful to have an FTDI232H JTAG module option for M5Stack (maybe for M6Stack).
    PlatformIO have a easy to use debugging option for ESP32.

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  • Just wanted to echo this concern. One of my first questions after running a basic hello world is, "So how do I run a debugger?" And it seems for this board, I would have to disconnect the CS line from the LCD display in order to use JTAG; I haven't yet looked at whether the trace is accessible to cut and re-wire.

    Has anyone been able to successfully connect to JTAG on the M5?

  • Please change your title as it is misleading.
    This is not an Arduino question, it is a Platformio question.

  • @ajb2k3

    Bump - this is not a platformio Question - the M5Stack hardware has been designed such that one cannot use a JTAG debugger for the esp32. as @mcbridejc states the JTAG MTMS line (GPIO14) has been used as the CS for the LCD module - all other JTAG lines are available on the M5Stack bus.

    Can we request that the next revision of the HW uses a different GPIO for LCD CS?

  • @cregganna
    Bump -
    Now (last month) JTAG debugging went free on PlatformIO/Visual Studio Code and Andreas Spiess did a YouTube video on debugging with the Espressif ESP-prog board JTAG interface for the ESP-32.
    First thing I did was check into M5Stack Core and found it wouldn't work.
    Another version with IO12-15 available for JTAG inline debugging would be necessary and appreciated.
    thank you

  • @ajb2k3 let me be candid: offering a platform for development which has such a showstopper design fault is ridiculous unprofessional not very well thought out.


    We do not use "Serial.print()" as a debugging method around here.

    btw: how do you quality-control your hardware in production if you cannot use JTAG to verify all works?

  • @mhaberler I don't I'm just a moderator of the forums do not work for M5Stack and so have nothing to do with their manufacturing and product quality testing.