I think I killed my Gray

  • I hooked up a 10K resistor and a CDS cell (resistance 50k-1M) in series from 3v3 to GPIO36. I set the pin to ADC mode, and was reading between 3000 & 4095.

    But now the gray isn't working. It doesn't show up as a serial port on the PC. If I try playing the built-in rock/paper/scissors, it goes black as soon as I push a button (https://claar.org/gray.mp4).

    So, did I kill my gray? If so, what did I do wrong? I don't want to repeat with another piece of hardware!

    Google suggests that 10K should be plenty as a pullup, and an ohm meter shows that the resistance goes between ~60K to 1+M, so I didn't use the wrong resistor (and the CDS is 50K in any case).

  • This was the super-frustrating "windows doesn't recognize a device. But a different windows computer does". :(

  • M5Stack

    try to upload the latest version firmware by M5Burner.

    tutorial link.


  • Thanks, once I got the other computer to see the device (can't flash a device that doesn't show up in device manager), I was able to reflash it.

    Then I took it back to my laptop, and it still wasn't seeing it. So I switched USB cables, and it did. Then I switched back to the original USB cable, and it worked with that cable again. (Note that I had hooked up a M5StickC via the original USB cable, and it is working fine with that cable now, so the cable isn't bad).

    Gotta love Microsoft Windows sometimes.