Core2 RTC

  • Hello,
    the library RTC control then BM8563. It is possible to get and set time and date.

    If I set the time, the display on the screen was correct, but the RTC stopped running.
    I used these lines to setup time and date:

        RTC_DateTypeDef RTC_DateStruct;
        RTC_DateStruct.WeekDay = 3;
        RTC_DateStruct.Month   = 9;
        RTC_DateStruct.Date    = 23;
        RTC_DateStruct.Year    = 2020;
        RTC_TimeTypeDef RTC_TimeStruct;
        RTC_TimeStruct.Seconds = 0;
        RTC_TimeStruct.Minutes = 0;
        RTC_TimeStruct.Hours   = 12;

    There is a stop bit at BM8563 but how can I set it correct with the M5Core2 RTC-library?

  • I have the same problem, the time is right but the date is wrong. please a solution

  • Try to replace


    it worked for me.