Need real power consumption data

  • The M5stack is interesting but many details and specs are missing. Perhaps the makers can help:

    1. what is the power consumption when OFF ? Does pressing the power switch twice actually shut the device OFF -> power is zero ?
    2. what the power consumption in deep_sleep ? I get variable amount from 17 to 40mA using a USB power meter with no battery.
    3. Is is possible to measure battery voltage ?

    The M5stack is a battery powered device but very little support exists for conserving battery power, saving power, and estimating remaining battery life.

  • @drwino

    I'm getting
    0.29a switched off.
    0.39a running factory test.
    Using a USB power meter.

    to measure battery you need a test meter
    Can't measure this tonight as cant find small allen wrench.

  • Does anyone now have any updates on this question? It would be really helpful to get some more info.

  • I haven't had the budget to buy anymore items to test but I'm just using a cheap inline usb power meter.

  • MKI camera = 0.1A

  • MKII (PSRAM) camera
    Standby = 0.1A
    connected = 0.14A 00592mah
    Running a lot cooler then the MKI

    I don't have anything else to test so that's all I can give.
    Measurements taken with a Keweisi branded usb test meter.