How to get Device infos from m5stack Devices

  • @m5stack I tried the

    import deviceCfg

    it throws an error ....

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
      File "", line 270, in get_board_name
    TypeError: string indices must be integers, not str

    I tested all the other functions of deviceCfg and they all work ...
    but the one I asked you to add does not....

    hanks for implementing it .. but it doesnt work ;)

  • Hello @Medy

    which M5Stack device did you try?

    I've just tested all of my M5Stack devices using UIFlow 1.8.7 and below code successfully (except M5StampPico which returns an incorrect name).

    import deviceCfg

    Results for various M5Stack devices running UIFlow 1.8.7 firmware:

    M5Stack Gray : core
    M5Core2      : Core2
    M5StickC     : StickC
    M5StickCPlus : StickC-Plus
    M5CoreInk    : CoreInk
    M5Paper      : paper
    M5Atom       : Atom
    M5StampPico  : Atom


  • @felmue I tried the core gray

    guess I will try again and report back if it works.

    Ideally the the new m5 stamps will works as well with coming updates ?