Create Thread for animation?

  • Is it possible in UIFlow to create some kind of Thread to have a AtomMatrix LED animation running while a HTTP Request fetches a URL?


  • You should be able to use timers and/or button callbacks for that. Without knowing exactly what you want to do, it’s hard to say. Give it a try and if you have issues, post your flow here.

  • My program needs to do a HTTP API request that takes about 10-20 seconds. During this time I would like to show a waiting animation updating every 1 sec.

    Would I use timers to implement this and set a global variable to stop the animation when the request is done?

  • Hi @mb

    yes, I suppose you could use a global variable, but timers also allow to be started and stopped. So you could start the timer with the animation, do the http request and when it's done stop the timer again.