Core 2 speaker blocks

  • Is it possible to add the speaker.tone() and speaker.sing() blocks to the core2 speaker block functions. Also it would be great to see some midi blocks especially since you added ble. Perhaps you can offer midi over serial and also using midi device ble profile. By the way, it’s really cool to see the ble blocks added. Last thing, you have some nice helpers when writing micro python such as select all, copy, paste, find and replace, and pallete which are all accessed at the icon shown at the end of each line. These are great when working on a tablet but it would be good if you broke out select all into two functions. If you click on select it would select only one line and if you click on all it would select all. I haven’t figured out what the pallete does. Can you please tell me how the pallete helper is used.

  • Hi @jpilarski those are amazing suggestions!
    We'll definitely push them forward and see if we can add support for those in the future updates.
    Thanks for sharing with us your ideas!

  • I tried the UIFlow "DAC beep" without success. Would be great to be able to use the Core2 speaker.