Core2 compatibility with modules/bases

  • Hello guys,

    First I would like to suggest to the M5 staff to add information about the compatibility of their modules/bases with Core and Core2 on the product description page. As a new user of M5 products I bought a bunch of modules to find them incompatible with the Core2.

    Now my questions:

    1. Can I use the M5 USB Module with Core2 and what bottom/base should I buy for this combo(So the PCB is protected and I can mount the Core2 on a machine?

    2. I see there is new M5GO Battery Bottom2. Does it come with the charging base(the one with the pogo pins and USB C) or I have to buy one from THIS LINK

    3. Since the M5 USB module is made for the "old system" would the M5GO Battery Bottom2 fit under the USB Module so I can stack the 3 pieces together?

    Also I would like to thank the M5 staff who were being very helpful to me so far.

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @innovationsmaker thank you for noting it, we are actually working on a new navigation system for the documentation page that will release soon, we've started with few products but gradually grow to over 200 products which require modification to our navigation system to find which products compatible with which Core device.

    We'll note it down and work hard to correct those issues ASAP.

    Regarding your questions, please let me confirm with the engineer and get back to you in a few minutes.

  • Hello @innovationsmaker

    A while ago I made a comparison sheet between M5Stack and M5Core2 bus which might help you.

    I don't own the M5 USB Module, but looking at the schematics I think it should work with the following changes in the source code:

    • MISO = use GPIO38 for M5Core2 (was GPIO19 for M5Stack)
    • SS = use GPIO33 for M5Core2 (was GPIO5 for M5Stack)

    The rest of the pins used by the M5 USB Module are the same.

    To fit the M5 USB Module mechanically under the M5Core2 you'll have to remove the little white board then remove the gray M5Core2 bottom (careful the battery is attached to the bottom). Then the M5 USB Module should fit.