M5Stack Core 2 and GPS Module

  • Hi
    Can anybody tell me, how the GPS Module fits to the Core 2?
    Thank you

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    @wima said in M5Stack Core 2 and GPS Module:

    Can anybody tell me, how the GPS Module fits to the Core 2?

    The GPS can be connected right under the core2, it's compatible. If you buy it, please make sure to buy from our website because we've changed the compatibility issues and now there shouldn't be any problems with the new line of products.

  • On Dec 24th I purchased the NEO-M8N GPS module from your website. It works fine with the Grey Core. I recently received the Core2 and the pins look to short to connect. So, has something changed since I got this module? In addition what back will need to be utilized and how does the battery connect to the mother board with the GPS module in between the battery and the motherboard?

  • Hi M5Stack

    I'd like to ask the same question as SE: How does the battery connect to the Core2, if there is a GPS module in between.

    Thanks and best regards, Dan

  • Hello @DanK

    have you tried to remove the bottom that came with M5Core2 but keep the battery connected and then stack the GPS module? E.g. M5Core2 - battery - GPS module. I understand that the battery isn't secured mechanically that way, but some double-sided tape might do the trick.

    Note: I haven't tried that myself, so I am not sure if there is enough space for the battery between M5Core2 and GPS module. My apologies if that is not the case.


  • Hi Felix

    thanks for the fast response and solution! Yes, removing the battery from the bottom and then attach it with double-sided adhesive tape is actually possible. I just tried it. But on the bottom itself one will also have to cut the hooks of the battery holder, otherwise it won't fit. A bit of a tinkering. I hope one day there will be a more professional solution.

    Kind regards, Dan

  • Addendum:
    The components close to the MBUS connector also get in the way of the original bottom, if fit to the GPS module.
    So I am afraid there is not really a practical solution.