AWS Edukit as normal Core2 for Uiflow

  • Hello ,
    I have a question

    Is it possible to flash AWS Edukit for usage of uiflow latest version as a normal Core2?

    Or more simple way,

    Can I use AWS Udukit as a normal Core2 then again as AWS Edukit eith a flash possibility?

    If yes

    What shall I do?

    If no

    Is it possible in the future?

    Thank you in advance

  • Hello @md

    I don't have a AWS Edukit so my assumption might be incorrect, but comparing the schematics of the two (AWS Edukit and plain M5Core2) I cannot find a difference, except for some additional hardware in the AWS Edukit (e.g. secure element, LEDs). So a AWS Edukit with M5Core2 UIFlow installed should act like a plain M5Core2 just fine.

    To get M5Core2 UIFlow installed you can use M5Burner to flash UIFlow_Core2 onto it.

    To go back you can reinstall AWS factory firmware. Follow the steps here.


  • Yes, you can flash your AWS Edukit M5 Core 2 with UIFlow_Core2. I just did mine today and it works great with UIFlow. Within a few minutes I had a useful app running on the device.

    You will lose access to the LEDs and the microphone as those are not supported (yet?) in the UIflow:

  • Hi! I flashed mine with uiflow and then micropython, all worked.
    Core2 for AWS is just a normal Core2 but wth the base for AWS that also works perfectly with uiflow. I can control the leds and everything. the only difference with the other Core2 is the color and the base for AWS witch has a secure "element" that you can use or not use.

  • @bricoms, Can you please expand on how you got the RGB left/right bars working on the AWS with UiFlow? I'm using V1.7.14, enabled power, varied brightness, changed colors, and still black as night. Thanks

  • I figured out how to work the Core2 for AWS LED strips. Add a custom RGB LED Unit with custom port. SDA/TX is on 25, and SCL/RX on 22. The Number of LEDs is 10. Then set the neopixel device as you want it. LEDs 1-5 are the right side, and 6-10 are left.

    Remember to also Enable the bus power mode.

  • @stanely could you explain the process little brief, becs im a new to this... and i want to control the RGB s in arduino ide... Is it possible... Help me..

  • @stanely You are my hero - thanks for figuring this out!