AWS IoT Edukit Core M5 - Micropython support?

  • The AWS IoT Edukit Core M5 requires you to build your own firmware using the ESP-IDF build framework.

    Will the extra hardware features like the RGB leds, microphone and crypto module be supported with an m5burner micropython image?

  • Global Moderator

    Yes it's supported, you could use the Core2 AWS like a normal version core2

  • @greenleaf, after doing some initial quick testing I found that many of the features are in parity, but things like the RBG LED is not functional because the pins are different from the M5Stack Fire. You might be able to take the existing M5Stack MicroPython library and update the pins to work with it.

    The crypto module isn't supported. However, you can use the Adafruit Crypto library for the secure element.

    M5Stack and AWS are working together to explore an option to deliver a MicroPython package specifically for the Core2 for AWS IoT EduKit.