Stepmotor Module - Hard Limit

  • Hi,

    I'm working on a project with the M5Stack Core and the Stepmotor Module.
    GRBL 0.8c is pre-installed on the Module. It offers a "Hard Limit" Option ($16=1) to set a switch that turns off the motor when the "Home" Position is reached.
    Usually the Pin for the X-Motor-Hard-Limit would be "D9" on an Arduino. Does any one know how to connect an End-Switch on the Stepmotor Module since there is no D9 Pin?


  • There is an internal header with holes labeled LX, LY and LZ that I suspect are the connections for the limits switches.


  • @pookas or @Russ

    Do either of you know if the those purple DRV8825 stepper driver boards are mounted in header sockets so they are removable, or are they soldered to the black stepper module board?

  • @world101 The drivers are hard soldered and cannot be replaced without unsoldering.
    I though the "Hard Limit" was only available to drivers with current sense which the DRV8825 doesn't have.