Core 2 and GPS Pins Still To Short

  • This is a follow up on the post from a month ago regarding compatibility with the GPS module and the Core 2.

    On Dec 24th I ordered the u-blox NEO-M8N $26.39 module from your website. It works fine with the Grey Core. I recently received the Core2 and the pins are too short to connect. So, has something changed since I got this module? In addition what back will need to be utilized and how does the battery connect to the mother board with the GPS module in between the battery and the motherboard? I assume that the M5GO Battery Bottom2 feeds power through the interface connector to the motherboard to overcome this problem? Is this correct?

  • By your website I meant the website. In the previous post it was indicated that the new stock would have longer pins. So, I was just checking to see if maybe I ordered right during the transition and if I order another it will have the longer pins.

  • Just a follow up. I contacted M5Stack tech support and they told me the old modules have pins that are 2.5mm and the new board has pins that are 3mm. So in theory I have the newer board but it separates from the Core2 fairly easily. Meaning the pins are probably making contact but not great. Will have to get longer screws and screw the module down to ensure good contact. For reference to separate from the Grey Core it is very tight and I usually use a screwdriver. I measured and the Grey Core lets the pins seat approximately 1mm more than the Core2. Here is a picture showing how to measure pin length. 0_1611190652059_Pins.jpg