MPU-6886 Questions / Information

  • Good Day!

    I posted this under the core2 product page, but will post here also since this chip exists in more than just the Core2. Specifically:

    1. Why doesnt the Invensense website even list this chip? Is it custom made for M5Stack?

    2. Has anyone figured out how to properly set the offsets? I found a library that measures them and then applies them externally but not actually setting them on the chip. (For example, register 19&20)

    3. I was trying to find the chip on the website to determine if there were any further application notes or suggestions. Other Chips like the MPU-6050 have a DMP (Digital Motion Processor) component that would be great for gesture offloading. It doesn't appear this chip has this based on the datasheet listed on the M5 website)

    4. Any Tips on calibrating these? Mine has a lot of noise when laying on a flat surface which I'm trying to reduce.

    5. While reviewing the datasheet, it appears that the XA_OFFSET registers are 15bit signed ints not 16. It appears that most of the popular libraries written for the 6050, 9250 have this mapping incorrect.

  • I'm still hopeful that some day I will get an answer to my questions!

    I've emailed support and also not received an answer but I'm going to keep checking every day!

  • about this chip function and register only could refer this file. if in this datasheet has some register not included, maybe it is not supported.

    about the calibrating, you could refer to this balance car project. maybe you could find something you want.

  • Check out the code on my implementation on M5 Seismometer. I only worked on accelerometer, not gyro, but the calibration method is the same. You can also find the datasheet under /doc folder.