UIFlow Github project?

  • Is UI Flow itself open source? I have seen the Github account for M5Stack : https://github.com/m5stack ... there are a ton of projects up there!

    but it's not obvious to me which would be the repo to look at. There is one called UIFlow-Code, but, looking through, it almost seems like a way to use VS Code as the REPL for an attached device, not necessarily for a way to build new operators or look at why certain operators may not function the way you expect.

    There are several issues I've posted about to which there has been no response and I thought it might be fun to look into some that might have easy fixes.

    Anyone know?


  • @braddo

    It’s not open source yet. Please up vote my request here to help make it happen.

  • Done, thanks

  • I just wanted to make sure this question/request pops up periodically. I was super excited about the M5Stack family of products, especially the little ones like Atom Matrix, but ran into so many simple bugs right away. On the forum, none of those bugs has been responded to by any dev - this is not atypical as the best place to put a bug report is in the git. But, ... there is no git. So, not git, no response in the forum makes it hard to keep coming back to this forum and hard to decide to buy more of these high potential products.

  • I feel your pain. I’ve been buying M5Stack products for more than 3 years now, after learning about the company from their Kickstarter campaign. They are such cool “complete packaged” products and nothing like it in the market right now. I just can’t stop buying things from them. However, there are some serious challenges when you really dig into the details of the products. Engineering-wise they are pretty good and so compact. Sometimes there are hardware flaws (noisy speaker, conflicting GPIOs, m5stickC battery drain, etc.), but I’ve seen a relatively low number of those over the years. Is it perfect? Nope. Lacking documentation is the biggest complaint. Personally I think they release products a bit too quickly. I’m all about fast innovation, but IMHO they should wait until all software, docs, and good examples in Arduino and uiFlow/Micropython are ready. But their slogan is “ideas fast tracked” not “IoT products for retail and commercial solutions.” So you have to take the good with the bad I guess. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    If you care to share your feedback, they released a customer survey here:

  • @world101 survey filled