concerns with TOF measurement

  • I test the TOF module with my CORE Gray and Uiflow, normaly easy to use. my TOF has a value of 145 to 10cm, 370 to 40cm, the maximum value is 531 to 75cm, then the value decreases beyond 75cm. This is annoying for use with a robot, I have a value of 130 to 150cm. How to correct this error and prevent the robot from confusing with an identical value of 145 at 10cm and at 160cm?

  • @arno The VL53L0X is sensitive to external bright artificial light sources. I have seen people place a tube around the sensor chip to try to reduce light interference.

  • Thank you for the details.
    This will be a real problem for my robot which must evolve outside. I need to use something more evolved.
    Do you think the TF mini Plus is compatible with a CORE2? Possible to program it with UIFlow, I haven't used micropython yet?link text

  • Hello, I have too problem with the ToF sensor measurement. To solve it I need to removed the protective film from the sensor (unscrew middle screw on the back and remove protective kapton tape from the chip sensor). After this op, the measurement was correct on the full range.

  • @a1exandr you found Kapton tape on the sensor?
    You need to message M5Stack about that as it should have been removed during assembly.

  • I think my proble0_1614515966296_2tof.PNG m is the same