GRBL13.2 module

  • Is it possible to use this with universal g code sender? When I try to connect to it, it says GRBL is still booting up. It appears to be some kind of communication error.

  • It sure would be nice to have a little more documentation for this module. Seems useful.

  • @ksprayberry

    Did you figure it out? Just got the GRBL13.2 module, thinking I might be able to construct a basic 3-axis CNC machine, but I have quite a lot of learning to do. I was going to start simple with the GRBL module connected to a Fire or Core2. Having a basic UI interface with buttons to choose a file, load the gcode from the SD card, and hopefully do some carving on soft/hard wood. Then if that works, start using Universal Gcode Sender to send the gcode over WiFi to the CNC machine.
    If you are interested in collaborating on the project, let me know. This would be my first CNC build though. I’m just now trying to figure out how to use the module with the very, very basic example M5stack provided.

  • @world101 I couldn't get it to work with the Universal G code sender. It was like it could tell it was there, but it didn't seem to communicate. I think there's a lot to do with it all being ESP32 based or that you're going through a computer through the esp32 to the grbl module...I'm not sure. there is a I've not gotten any further along with it. I pretty much put it to the side and had hoped to come back to it. I think you could read line by line from a file on the SD card and write it to the GRBL module. So on my Shapeoko cnc router I can use the command $$ to see the parameters and settings and change many variables to setup a machine as you need it set. I do not see how you can do that with this device. Maybe in the arduino environment you can you the serial monitor. I was really disappointed that there is no documentation for this and I have found very little online.

    I did find this, but I just didn't have the time to go down this rabbit hole. link text