COLOR_TCS3472 on Atom Lite cannot find sensor

  • When I use the example sketch for the color_tcs3472 sensor on my Atom Lite the serial output shows:

    No TCS34725 found ... check your connections

    The sensor is working when I use the same sketch with an Arduino Uno so the problem isn't in the sensor.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

    Best regards,

  • Hello @Alban_T

    the sketch you linked is for M5Stack devices. M5Atom Lite is a bit different. For instance:

    • I assume you modified #include <M5Stack.h> to #include <M5Atom.h>.
    • did you also adapt the M5.begin() call to enable I2C? E.g. M5.begin(true, true, true) - the second true enables I2C on Atom Lite.
    • is your sensor connected to the proper GPIOs? E.g. SDL - GPIO25 and SCL - GPIO21.

    excerpt from M5Atom.cpp as reference:

    void M5Atom::begin(bool SerialEnable , bool I2CEnable , bool DisplayEnable )
    	if( _isInited ) return;
    	_isInited = true;
    	if( I2CEnable )

    Hope this helps. If not, feel free to post the full sketch.

    Good luck.