M5StickC - M5.LCD draws only a part of the display

  • Hello to all, I have a big problem.
    I’m not able to draw the the whole display on my M5Stick C.

    Every calls to the M5.LCD object draws just an area of the display.
    Seems to be a “scale” problem, but I never seen such issue.

    In the attached image, the white box is the area I’m able to draw

    Someone has a similar problem

    Sadly the M5Stack support doesn’t answers to may email

    0_1619683766931_0124C680-E8C5-46E4-B46C-5C6F166C04CB.jpeg ![0_1619683705856_70F9B1AE-F818-46E6-AD25-30B0F8334AC9.jpeg](Uploading 71%)

  • Its seems M5stickC Plus which have screen with greater resolution that M5StickC. Maybe you need or update a new m5stick libraries to use with bigger screen. Ewentually look into source files of library and find const/vars with screen resolution, maybe they are hardcoded.

  • I will try today!! Thanks a lot

  • There is aM5StickPlus library !! Thanks a lot!