Bluetooth in UI Flow

  • Hi Folks,

    I'm new here, just picked up my first device, an M5 Atom Matrix.

    I've spent a day watching videos about UI Flow which is a really neat way to get started. The only notable omission is - no Bluetooth!
    It lists BLE as a feature on the box and it is supported by the processor, but just not exposed in UI Flow.

    This is sad as its a big step from using M5 Burner and UI Flow to get started so easily to now compiling MicroPython and bundling packages into it that I can push down onto the device manually. I really hope I don't end up going to C with PlatformIO to use the device.

    Even if Bluetooth wasn't exposed in UI Flow, but the python bluetooth module was installed in the UIFlow_Matrix image (currently 1.7.6)