Problem about M5stack GPS

  • I'm trying to use M5Stack GPS now and I have a problem.I tried the example from the arduino Examples/Modules/FullExample. I had tried a few days still cannot fix the problem.
    Here is the outcome of serial monitor.0_1538011463777_image.png
    And the outcome in the M5Stack is "No GPS data received: check wiring".Is that mean my GPS can't get data? How can I fix it?
    Thanks a lot!

  • @ken57093 From your picture it looks like the baud rate maybe set wrong on your serial monitor. It should be 115200 baud

  • @lukasmaximus Thanks a lot!

    I can see the data in serial monitor now. But in my M5Stack, it still show that "No GPS data received: check wiring". Do you have any idea?

  • The gpsmodul is from Navspark and the output is not equal NMEA .
    Sample: $GNRMC but not $RMC.
    The libraries TinyGPS++ and TinyGPS can not work with the output.