M5stickC turn on when connect Type-C USB with power (How to disable?)

  • When I plugin Type-C USB with power, M5stickC will turn on automatically. Is it possible to disable?

  • Hello @sgnp2091

    do you mean disable by software or hardware?

    The way M5StickC Plus is wired internally I don't think it is possible to disable this functionality by software, but I guess it would be possible by a hardware modification.


  • @felmue

    I would like to disable this function by Arduino. I don't want to modify the hardware. Btw, thank you for your reply.

  • Don't know if still relevant, but you can just power it off if you see it was plugged in.
    I attach a basic code here, and you can tweak it to your needs of course.

    Be aware that you might need to use a small delay before M5.Axp.GetVBusVoltage() will give you a result you can trust.

    //function which reads the voltage coming out of the USB, and if it's above 4.1 I know the device is being charged.
    bool isBeingCharged()
    float charge = M5.Axp.GetVBusVoltage();
    return charge > 4.1;

    //check here of anywhere you want in the code if the device is being charged, and power it off.
    void setup()
    if (isBeingCharged())